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Cantina Famiglia Febo

We meet Davide Febo on a beautiful sunny day and before talking about himself or the wine he produces, he proudly shows us the lands that once belonged to his grandfather and that today, with the help of his father, he continues to cultivate with dedication, study and a lot of humility.


Argentieri Franchi

Franchi Argentieri is an artisan workshop located in Via Tor di Nona 60 in Rome, in the heart of the historic center of the city. It is in this place that triumphs an artisanal production of the goldsmith's art par excellence: the jewel in silver, gold, metal, with or without gemstones, the artifact with a high intangible value, up to the object of common use or even furniture.

Stamperia Il Guado

Elena Balsamini is a passionate researcher of stories and wisdom of the past, who received as a gift from her father an interest in a tradition that, day after day, is being lost: Romagna rust printing.

Pastry Lab

Today the bees have flown to the historic center of Arenzano in the province of Genoa, where among cozy and colorful alleys, prestigious shops and fashionable boutiques we visit the MattiB Pastry Lab. Waiting for us is Mattia, pastry chef and owner of this beautiful and young reality that today we are going to discover.

Don Carlo

The enthusiasm of young people can be full of optimism and positivity, overwhelming you and carrying you with it, but it can also reserve unexpected surprises, discovering that its foundations are solid and well thought out. This is what transpires from the speeches of Lorenzo and Elisa, who literally cultivate the dream of Don Carlo vini e tartufi, a farm active in the production of natural wines and truffles.


In a small street in the historic center of Forlì, Federica Siboni's dream was born: Fedifo, an artisan boutique, a recovery and redevelopment laboratory and an exhibition space in continuous evolution. Fedifo was born almost by chance, when Federica meets the right place at the right time and from there she will be able to experiment and perfect new garments and accessories, creating unique pieces thanks to recycled materials or the discarded clothes of her customers.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli

Italian craftsmanship conquers the foreign market for its originality, without forgetting the quality of products strictly Made in Italy. The small shops of Rome are the characteristic places where creativity is born thanks to the experience of passionate artisans such as the Antica Manifattura Cappelli in Rome, located in Via degli Scipioni 46.

Creazioni Antonello

Whenever we talk about a jewel made in Sardinia, the elegance of Sardinian filigree immediately comes to mind. This particular process has been carried out for a very long time by the Creazioni Antonello workshop

Mascheraio Safir

Many traditions tied to the territory and the carnival of Sardinia are carved in wood and marked in leather, like the Sardinian masks that carry meanings imprinted over time, up to our days. Each mask, whether in theater or any celebration, brings with it ancient stories and cults. In Sardinia, the most striking example is undoubtedly the carnival of Ottana, where the most important figures—su Boe (the ox), il Merdule (the shepherd), and sa Filonzana (the weaver)—wear characteristic masks

Frongia Ricami

We are in Sardinia, in a small medieval village where the capital of textile craftsmanship stands. Here resides the last guardian in the world of an ancient knowledge: Sardinian embroidery. Maria Luisa Frongia lives in Samugheo and carries with her the tradition and expertise for creating timeless embroidered works

Barbara Pala

In northern Sardinia, a craftswoman with her modern Sardinian clothing managed to cross the sea, reaching the Japanese market. We’re talking about Barbara Pala. Born in Nuoro, Barbara has studied thoroughly the world of fashion, putting her hands to work and achieving something that once seemed impossible.


In the heart of the historic center of Bosa, a city in Sardinia famous especially for its Malvasia (typical sweet wine), there is Italy’s smallest brewery with its 50 liters produced in each batch, we are talking about Bbbirra.

Birrificio Marduk

In 2013, Birrificio Marduk, located in the village of Irgoli in Sardinia, turned an inspiring dream into a confirmed reality: establishing a beer production chain. The Marduk project was born from the idea of two friends who, after 5 years of homebrewing, decided to take the plunge and open a professional brewery.

L'Arca di Noè

In Terranova da Sibari, a village in the upper Cosentino region, nestled on a pleasant hill, we encounter Vittoria Pignataro, the owner of the Arca di Noè (Noah’s Ark) business. Welcomed with great kindness and grace, we are transported into her enchanted realm—a place of art, passion, and imagination


Behind every item of clothing, dozens of other possible garments and objects lie hidden; you just need to envision and create them. Ramosalso, an atelier located in the Rialto area of Venice, has made this its mission: ‘If you transform, you don’t waste.’

Occhialeria Di Cesare

They come in all shapes and colors and can be customized with writing or a design on the end of the temples to make them even more unique. What are we talking about? Artisanal eyeglasses! L’Occhialeria Di Cesare, located on Via De Gasperi in Ravenna, is not just an ordinary optical shop; it is a true artisanal workshop where eyeglasses are tailor-made to satisfy a wide range of preferences


Shapes, colors, uniqueness and flair: the perfect ingredients for a quality garment of clothing and handcrafted jewelry. This is the vision of Franca, who is the owner and artisan of Fragolab, who has a past as a visual designer. We are in Venice, not far from the Rialto Bridge, where Franca's shop is located in a narrow street.

Birrificio Alvure

Are you looking for a Sardinian beer with its roots firmly anchored on earth? Alvure is the brewery that holds this bond together. The Alvure brewery is a stop on the journey of Pino, Riccardo and Diego, three partners who carry the flag of the four Moors high with their beers, inspired by the typical carnival of Ottana.

Birrificio 4 Mori

"Beer is something that unites for us." Matias tells us, a partner of the 4 Mori Brewery and an installer of brewing systems all over the world. His choice to join this project was dictated by the uniqueness of the enterprise.

Desca Luxury

Today your Italian Bees are in Legnano, in the brand new shop of Debora Scalzo, writer, film screenwriter, fashion designer and successful entrepreneur. Her brand is called Desca Luxury and is the Pop Made in Italy Brand born in 2019 thanks to the collaboration with the master Domenico Auriemma, designer owner of the Dstyle brand and creator of eyewear lines for the most famous international celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Birrificio Rose55

The passion for craft beer often leads to the development of one's own recipes and jealously guarding them, but the brewer and owner of the brewery Rose 55 Pierluigi is not like that. Rose 55 is his brewery that allows anyone to make their own beer but in a real professional workshop. The brewery is located in Cagliari with a very clear mission: in addition to its own production, it wants to bring as many realities as possible to produce within it.


Ruga, the shop-workshop of the goldsmith Stefano Billi, is located in Ravenna, in via Mazzini 31, in the historic center of the city. It is a place where jewels have an unconventional soul and are the result of the training and maturation of the thought of its creator. At the base of Stefano's creations there is, in fact, a positive reflection, addressed to each of us: beauty is found in imperfection. An imperfection that, in his marvellous works of goldsmithing, becomes value, accuracy and uniqueness.

Pasticceria da Giorgio

Today the bees have flown nearby Genoa to Fado, a small village in the municipality of Mele, characterized by its small mountain style church and being crossed by the Passo del Turchino road, which connects Liguria with Piedmont, mainly at a tourist level. At Fado we find the Pasticceria Giorgio, which for many years has been a meeting point where you can enjoy the flavors of an ancient Liguria just a few kilometers from the big city.

Birrificio Exmu

Large expanses of land, aromatic plants and a building where all this becomes magic, this is the Exmu agricultural brewery. Its name is synonymous with innovation, as it refers to the old use of the building in which the brewery stands, namely a former milking machine.

Intervista con Enrico Califano

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Enrico Califano, della realtà Wiplab, per parlare della possibilità di fare un'immersione virtuale nel territorio

Intervista con Nicola Asprella

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Nicola Asprella, Unique experience, per un turismo nel territorio di Tramonti, comune della Costiera amalfitana

Intervista con Daniele Vitiello

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Daniele Vitiello, titolare della famosa Trattoria da Nennella, riguardo la cucina partenopea tramandata da generazioni

Intervista con Dott. Antonio Carlo Galoforo

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista al Dott. Antonio Carlo Galoforo, Docente Master Università Pavia, riguardo il concetto dinamico di salute

Intervista a Gustavo Mastrobuoni

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Gustavo Mastrobuoni, con il quale è stato presentato il progetto IIS - Intelligent IoT Safety

Intervista a Silvana Virgilio

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Silvana Virgilio, Vicepresidente ASMEF, riguardo il turismo di ritorno nei piccoli borghi italiani

Intervista a Pietro Diamantini

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Pietro Diamantini, Direttore Business Alta Velocità di Trenitalia, riguardo i nuovi collegamenti tra Italia e l'estero

Intervista a Maria Moreni

Luisa Bamonte, fondatrice di Italian WebTV, intervista Maria Moreni, Presidente ICLA Italia - Cina riguardo le strategie migliori per il Made in Italy all'estero

Il Presidente Grieci

Il Presidente F.Agr.I, Gianfranco Grieci, inaugura la Fiera e incontra personaggi di spicco durante i tre giorni

Il "Ponte" tra Italia e America Latina

Il Presidente di F.Agr.I., Gianfranco Grieci, incontra Antonella Cavallari, Segretario Generale IILA

Accordo Italia - Marocco

Il Presidente di F.Agr.I., Gianfranco Grieci, incontra Amine Laghidi, Esperto internazionale e presidente di diverse organizzazioni e comitati marocchini, africani e internazionali

Arte & cera

Every art has its secrets and every craftsman has his own story and that of Giacomo Sabatini "literally" began with some sketches made by chance and then became ubiquitous in his daily work. An image, that of the candle men, which he then turned into small wax works of art that kicked off a long career as an artistic candle modeler.